About Us

About us

To get a sense of the present, sometimes it's best to go back to the past. Flashback to 1986- when, in my 20's, I discovered a keen interest for bridal fashion and founded Impression. Recognizing an unfulfilled need in the bridal industry, I made it my personal mission to build a brand that provides brides with quality gowns that were fashionable and luxurious, yet affordable. Tough challenges and obstacles befell me at every corner, and although the chances initially seemed slim, nothing could stop my passionate drive to continually improve our services and enhance our products. We pushed forward relentlessly and continue to expand today.

What started as a small local company, exponentially grew into a grandiose international corporation serving thousand of retailers across the U.S.A. and Canada, later encompassing the U.K., Russia, Mexico, and Australia markets as well. Over our 27 years in businesses, we have established a strong reputation for excellence and have made our stamp in the wedding dress industry. It is with great joy that today, we are capable of fully catering to our brides by providing them with the ultimate shopping experience that they deserve, from the very moment they step through our doors.

Here on our online bridal boutique, we are pleased to offer new, sample, and gently worn wedding gowns and accessories. We carry a large selection of wedding gowns sold off the rack. This is ideal for the bride who has a quickly approaching wear date or for those looking for a great deal!